Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying A Mini Excavator

We Put Together A List Of The Top Ten Reasons To Buy A Mini Excavator Of Your Own

For those in the construction business, you already know how helpful different types of machinery can be. Some machines can help make your projects run more efficiently such as is the case with a mini excavator. While many larger companies will own one or more excavators, smaller construction companies will typically rent them on an as-needed basis. If you are tired of renting, buying a mini excavator is a great way to boost your efficiency and save money at the same time. You can even find lenders who offer equipment financing for those interested in buying their own mini excavator. Most equipment companies also offer financing for those who qualify. Mini Excavator For Sale (.com) has put together a list of the top ten reasons why you should consider buying a mini excavator of your own.


Most construction sites have a limited amount of space, using a mini excavator will allow you to move freely within those constraints. There are fewer limits on how to work or where you can drive your heavy machinery, and equipment hauling is even easier.

Simple Operation

Learning how to operate a mini excavator is as simple as securing equipment financing to buy a mini excavator. The majority of construction training is spent learning how to properly operate heavy machinery. When you buy a mini excavator, you will be able to spend more time completing projects and less time training operators. Owning a mini excavator requires one operator, which means less laborers and potentially savings you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year. 

Less Noise

Sound is one of the main reasons that smaller construction companies look for mini excavators. Sound is not only an irritation, but it can also be harmful to the health of your workers and anyone else in the area. Smaller machines equal a smaller sound profile which is a good thing for everyone especially in nearby neighborhoods or near operating businesses. 

Less Damage On-Site

Hauling a mini excavator as well as using it will be much less damaging to the project site than a larger machine. This is especially helpful for projects that don’t involve a new building or a total demolition. 


Any project must operate on a budget, and one of the biggest expenses is fuel for heavy machinery. Using a mini excavator for your construction project will reduce costs dramatically because they are much smaller and are fuel-efficient.

More Efficient For Smaller Projects

Trying to use commercial grade machinery for small renovation projects is not only overkill, but it will also end up costing more than usual. A mini excavator is an efficient choice for smaller projects, smaller budgets, and smaller spaces.


Another advantage of using a mini excavator for your business is its added functional versatility. While these mini models come with a bucket, they also have other attachments such as hammers, augers, compactors, thumbs, and much more. This will allow you to reduce the number of machines you are hauling to each site while also opening up wider applications for the job site.


Buying mini excavators are much easier on the pocket that renting. The monthly payment is almost half the cost of a monthly rental payment. They are also pretty fuel-efficient which lowers the cost of usage on-site as well as the cost of maintenance. They require less upkeep and are easier to fix if you do run into problems down the line.

Extended Features

Small class machines and big class machines have a wide assortment of unique features. Mini excavators are considered small /medium-sized machines and they have a selection from both of the other classes. Enclosed cabs with environmental controls, hydraulic quick attach, centre pivot boom, backfill blade, rubber over steel tracks, and zero tail swing design are just a few of the impressive features you will find on these powerful midsize models.

Easier To Finance

Big machinery also comes with a bigger price tag and harder financing rules. Many equipment companies offer financing, or you can secure your own equipment financing by searching your website for local equipment financing.

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