Equipment Trailer Hauling Tips Transporting Mini Excavators

We have Put Together Some Tips To Help You Move Your Mini Excavator


Now that you found an affordable mini excavator for sale, you will need to figure out the best way to get it to your location. Most equipment companies will give you suggestions on hauling your mini excavator from their location to yours, but we have a few more tips to help. Here at mini excavator for sale (.com) we do more than just help you find equipment companies and equipment financing. We want to make sure you get the most out of your equipment so we have put together some tips to help you move your mini excavator.

Understand Your Loading Configurations

Many equipment dealership companies that have mini excavators for sale will also offer equipment trailers that can haul them as an add on to the purchase. You can save money on a good equipment trailer by using a tag-a-long trailer, though they can haul mini excavators in tight spaces, they are not the safest option vs a larger equipment trailer. Improper loading can cause tipping and not being aware of your loading configurations can damage your equipment trailer, truck and your mini excavator. Consider using a good strong equipment trailer with the proper hauling truck size to make loading safer and more efficient. If needed, you can add an equipment trailer and other required accessories to your equipment financing budget.

mind Your Equipment Trailer Size

When it comes to equipment hauling size really does matter. You will need to some research before you actually attempt to transport your mini excavator. Find out the weight and dimensions of your mini excavator and ensure that your equipment trailer can accommodate its load. You will need to determine the size and how many axels needed to transport your machine.

There are also state and federal regulations to consider when hauling an excavator or equipment hauling in general. Just as you would put a lot of thought into which machine you purchase for your business, it is equally important to choose the right type and capacity trailer to match. List out the length, height, width, and weight of the mini excavator. Most equipment companies will also provide a spec sheet that has most of this information but make sure you also add any weight from added accessories.

Follow State & Federal Regulations

here are regulations when it comes to equipment trailers but it may surprise you to know that there are also rules about transport. If you found a mini excavator for sale that is less than 13 ft. 6 inches tall and 102 inches wide, chances are you won’t need a special permit. Anything outside of these dimensions will probably require written permission. If you will be crossing and bridges during your trip you will also need to research local weight and height regulations prior to hauling your mini excavator equipment.

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Load Your Mini Excavator Correctly

Before you can start equipment hauling, you will need to load your machine. Following the right procedure when loading the mini excavator that you don’t miss out on critical actions. After finding a great mini excavator for sale, get it to your site safely by following these simple steps. Place supports or blocks at the back part of your equipment trailer each time you unload or load your mini excavator. This will stop the front of the equipment trailer from tipping up off the ground. It is also important that the machine's undercarriage is clean and free of sand, rocks, mud, or any other debris before you start loading. The auto-idle feature should also be turned off. Load your machine properly over the axels on the equipment trailer.

Make Sure Your Mini Excavator Is Secure

When dealing with equipment hauling, it is critical that you secure your equipment. Making sure your mini excavator is properly loaded, secure, and tied down should be done in a methodical manner. Once the machine is on the equipment trailer, lower each mini excavator attachment to the floor and stop the engine. You should then apply the parking brake and add chains to the tie-down areas in the front and back of the machine. This will prevent moving during transport and prevent accidents as well.

Ensure Quality Equipment Trailer Construction

If you are using an equipment financing option for your mini excavator, chances are you are also looking to save money when you can. Most equipment companies will also have equipment trailers for sale, but instead of looking at the price alone, pay attention to the actual construction of the rig. Look for an equipment trailer that was made for your specific mini excavator. This will offer the easiest loading and the maximum amount of safety during transport.

Prepare Your Equipment Trailer for Travel

Once your mini excavator is loaded, it is time to get ready to hit the road. Raise the equipment trailer jack as high as you can to prevent it from hitting the ground and attach the trailer to the tow vehicle. Make sure to follow the proper hitching instructions including using a lock on the coupler. Attach all of your electrical harnesses and test your lights before starting your trip. It is also important to test the breakaway system before every single trip. This will allow you to perform an emergency separation in the event of an accident.

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